Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors help you reach new audiences, spread awareness, & connect on behalf of your brand to create a community of devoted & loyal customers. The Propelle + Konnect team has extensive experience in recruiting, training & developing a brand ambassador strategy for a variety of businesses with a focus on driving ROI. Brand ambassadors are a great way to expand your marketing team with targeted, strategic objectives.

Knowledge of (and appreciation for) marketing is the first step to recruiting top brand ambassadors that are the right fit for your business.

Brand Ambassador (BA) is a marketing term that refers to an individual who works for a company or organization to promote its products or services. Brand Ambassadors embody the corporate identity of the brand they represent in both appearance and demeanour, effectively personifying the brand to provide a first-hand experience.

The benefits of hiring a brand ambassador can be immeasurable.

We study the brand, target audience, and event concept to connect you with the right person to represent your brand. Our BA staff know the importance of authenticity and customer service in modern marketing and use those traits as tools to help grow your brand. Our staff have a keen ability to gather feedback from consumers and provide innovative insight to your team.

Brand Ambassador campaigns can include:

  • Face to face consumer engagements
  • Brand spokesperson
  • Event and animation ambassadors
  • Liquor specialists
  • Product placement
  • Affiliate Marketing Placement
  • And more!

Let Propelle + Konnect provide a multi talented brand ambassador who can positively increase your brand presence.